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Saturday, October 21, 2006

First Week in Paris - 21 October

This is just a quick note to let you know I've arrived. As you can see it's still sunny here in Paris. Fortunately however, photos don't show temperature, because although it looks (left) like a barmy Australian summer's afternoon, an afternoon on which you might expect to hear Jim Maxwell describe the shadows lengthening across the MCG as Terry Alderman runs in to complete the final over of the day, gently swinging it away from Graham Gooch, who watches the ball thump into the Ian Healy's gloves before walking off towards the member pavilion, it is in fact about 10 degrees.
The photo on the right is my street. The person standing next to the three red cars is Cecile (possibly not the best portrait ever, still working on my depth and shade). Anyway, if you go directly up from her to the very top of the building, that is our apartment. Below is the start of the stair case up to the 6th floor which I have to climb and descend everyday, then a view from the bottom up the staircase from the outside(once again, you can see Cecile in the first window, think I've got the shade part down pat but still working on that depth from camera), and lastly the view from our window (if you stick your head out and look right). The beacon like object is the Eiffel tower.

Anyways, going to see Xavier Rudd (Australian?) tonight in Montmatre... so will update you all on how that goes soon. Looking forward to it. Until next week.


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andrew_nm_yong said...

Dood, looks awesome. In terms of living in a favourable location, Tonga is nowhere near as romantic (maybe exotic) or cultured as Paris. The best I can do to rival the Eiffel Tower is the Pacific Ocean, 100m from my front door. Still doesn't seem to be in the same ball-park though. Maybe not even the same sport. Did I mention that I found Nemo snorkelling off the reef wall the other day? That is seriously the best I can do...