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Monday, November 20, 2006

Do it like I told you

This is a sketch that I wrote when I was working for The Ronnie Johns Half Hour. I was trying to have a a go at people who aren't quite prepared to let those Australians that look "different" be fully fledged "Aussies". For those of you who didn't catch this episode... I thought I'd indulge myself and repost it here because I reckon this sketch turned out ok. (Yong Yong Magoo... A childhood full of research went into this I think!)


Andrew said...

love it - almost too subtle for channel10 I would've thought?

andrew_nm_yong said...

hilarious! glad that hours and days of our childhood were so concisely compressed into 1.42mins of fun. perhaps pushing the line, but heck what are we here for...

oh and by the way, "its fried rice, you plick!"