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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bienvenue chez moi a DEN HAAG!

Hey all,

Sorry I have been a bit slack with the old blog. I have arrived safely in The Hague, a place so important it needs two capital letters. After the first week of my internship here at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia I have to say that the work is really interesting, the people are really nice, and generally things are going pretty well. If only the weather were better! It has rained pretty much non-stop since I got here. And when it's not raining, it's windy and cloudy, or windy, cloudy and rainy...
I've attached a solitary photo which is taken from the front balcony of my apartment and shows my street. My apartment is pretty well situated. I'm about ten minutes bike ride from the tribunal in one direction and about ten minutes bike ride from the city centre in the other. Having lived at least an hour from school and work in Sydney, it is a real pleasure to be home in ten minutes after leaving work at night. (Note: that's ten minutes of rain time)
One of the great things about these internship experiences is that you tend to meet a lot of really interesting people and that has certainly been the case here. Most of the other interns have already completed or are in the process of finishing a masters or Phd in international law and have plans to work in the international law field. The melange of cultures is really stimulating and I've been trying to benefit as much as possible from this unique opportunity to speak, listen and learn about ways of approaching global justice from a global perspective.
If you would like to get in touch with me here my address is:
Van Diemenstraat 94
2518 VE Den Haag
The Netherlands

I also have a new mobile number (for those of you who had my french number I will be keeping it for when I return to Paris so don't delete it) My home phone is communal so please, no 3am phone calls and lame "oh I'm sorry I couldn't work out the time difference" excuses. ; )

Mobile: +(31) 6 16 837 049
Phone: +(31) (070) 355 18 63

More to come soon...

1 comment:

Andrew said...

ah the cosmipolitan-ness of it all! I'm waiting to hear a run-down of what you're actually doing at the International Criminal Tribunal - as I have visions of you compiling cases against various Dr Evil's and Mini Me's (in a Yugoslavian sort of way of course...)

You were missed at Anna's Blessing (especially during the cricket match). But never fear, we made sure we drank you share of the red wine as well!