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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Anna begins...

Everyone please welcome my neice ANNA PIGOTT to the blog.

She was chairing the local land care meeting in Berry and managed to take the opportunity to model the latest headware.

I think she will be a swimmer. Look at those flippers!

Go Anna, It's your Birthday, We got the Deathstar, It's your Birthday, We got the Deathstar. (Big shout out to Andrew J)

1 comment:

Anna May said...

Dear Uncle James,

Thank you for featuring me in your blog. I am enjoying promoting the work of Landcare and other volunteer organisations in saving the environment. I'd really like there to be an environment for when I'm bigger - I figure that my great-grandparents did little to help, my grandparents didn't do much more and my parents are only just being given the opportunity to... well, we'll wait and see what they and their generation can manage! So, I decided that 5mths was plenty old enough to get involved and make a difference. Wish me luck.

By the way, I've also learnt to sit which I'm pretty proud of. Will send you a photo.

Much love, Anna May,