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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I saw Donny Darko

I saw Donny Darko over the weekend...

What an intriguing film... I mean, apart from not really making any sense plot wise it's a really nice portrayal of teenage life...

My review: Highly ambitious but lacking in message... a bit like looking at the mona lisa... you know it's meant to be significant, there's something to it, but you can't help thinking that it's just a painting of a woman looking directly at camera. Anyway, if nothing, I recommend you see it... Like the UN and world peace, you want to believe in it, you want it to work. At the same time, you know something just isn't quite right, but you'd rather look at the screen and say "cool" and believe in it than acknowledge the fact that it's all utterly confusing.


Andrew said...

Surely it's along the lines of "please, in the name of all things Eddie, keep taking your medication!" Alternatively it may well be that the movie is saying "in the end, we all die alone". In which case hit The Cure and pass me the whiskey. Although ultimately I suspect it is as simple, and yet as profound, as "Avoid terrifyingly large rabbits".

Either way it all looked pretty cool to this rappin' stormtrooper!

Georgia said...

You might find interesting the reviews on Just type the movie you want and press "Phind". A pretty interesting site.
P.S. I liked the film (and without taking my medication...)
P.S.2 My letter is coming soon!