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Monday, February 05, 2007

Why you should always comb the back of your head...

The Secretary-General of the UN recently came to visit the ICTY and addressed some of the staff in the foyer on his way out to the limo... I managed to get a pretty good possie for the press photos. Let's face it... this photo is all about me. I couldn't have made Ban Ki Moon any more insignificant in this photo if I tried. (Ok, everyone. Smile- No-... No. Mr Ban Ki Moon, maybe if you just turn around so we can't see your face... yeah... that's better... yeah... yeah... bit more.. yeah... bit further... perfect.)

Like the curse of the new Australian cricket captian, who for the first year of his captaincy will, regardless of his performance have countless articles written about him which generally amount to "yeah he's alright, but he's no Steve Waugh" (previous incumbant), the moon-meister was subject to some rampant "he's no Kofi" comments amongst the interns. However, I think, considering he'd already visited and had talks with the International Criminal Court and all its judges, the International Court of Justice and all its judges, the ICTY and all its judges (not to mention Carla Del Ponte) and it was only 10:30am... he was doing ok.

Sorry for the lack of posts... but to be honest... there's been a lack of posting by you guys as well so i figure unless you pick up your game I'm really only keeping an online journal of my life that some 13 year old american kid in wyoming who makes a spelling mistake whilst trying to search "Fender" is going to chance across.

Your sooky little boy,

Jamesy Wamesy no friends blamesy.

1 comment:

Kath said...

Here's some love pender.

Now write more about your exciting life in the Hague... and stop whingeing.

I can't remember the last time the UN Sec-Gen dropped in for a morning cuppa and arnotts bickies at the ABC's Darwin pad.

Get too it!!