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Thursday, March 22, 2007

David Hicks

Here is a video Dan Ilic (formerly Ronnie Johns cast member) made about David Hicks. I'm not sure what Cribs is... but I think it might be an American TV show where you show off your house on TV (possibly?).

So yeah. Take a squizz.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A new look me....

Last time I shaved my head was when I went to Nepal with a group from school to do some hiking. It has been a liberating experience.

The hairdresser who did it was Turkish and could not speak English... ... I mimed a shaver and made a "bzzzzzz" sound. He understood... and we were friends. His 5 year old daughter laughed as my hair came off. She even offered me an ash tray and a pack of cigarettes to go with my haircut... I couldn't quite get across that not only do I not smoke, but I don't really accept ciggies from five year olds....

Parliament House in The Hague

The motto of The Hague is "Come as strangers, leave as Friends."

A Canadian guy here suggested it should be a picture of a guy giving the thumbs up with the title "My Hague, Your Hague".

I think "If it's not raining sideways, there's something wrong." could quite possibly work as well.

Anyway: the Parliament House by night.


A little town 20 minutes from the Hague, which is famous for its blue and white china ware (Delftware! I'd never heard of it but i'm sure it means something to the more cultured amongst "youse all")

Anyway. It's a cute town. Roll tape.

Saturday Turkish Markets in the Hague

These photos speak for themselvesm but every saturday there are turkish markets on just near my house (everything is "just near my house" in the Hague). They remind me a little bit of the markets in Cambodia. I wish I could play you a video, because the markets are accompanied by a symphony of screaming and shouting as each vendor tries to sell his or her wares. You can pretty much buy anything you need, food, clothes, furniture for half the price of supermarkets in the Hague. For all the australians, check out the bananas... they're like 1 euro a bunch... For someone who has a staple diet of cereal, it's great to have access to cheap bananas...

If any of you would like to talk further about bananas, and their general thriftiness, you know where you can get in touch with me.


Took a quick trip a couple of weeks ago to go to the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Saw a very thought provoking film called AFR, which was about Ander Fogh Rasmussan, the Prime Minister of Denmark. It basically spliced together a whole lot of interviews by prominent Danish politicians so that it looked as though the Prime Minister had a gay lover, who he had killed in order to protect his political career. It was meant to be about freedom of speech (after the Muslim Cartoon crisis in denmark) and about how the media manipulate source material to give their tilt to the truth. The director came out afterwards and spoke. It was an all round top day out of the Hague... even if Rotterdam is a little forgettable (apologies to Rotterfolk!).

Here are some photos of the dam of Rotters:

The View From My Room

A few months back it snowed heavily in The Hague. Here are some shots from my room window.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hey everyone.

Only about two weeks to go in the Hague. It all seems to have gone so fast. Sorry for the lack of posts. Life has been very very hectic of late.

I hope to post some more soon.