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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saturday Turkish Markets in the Hague

These photos speak for themselvesm but every saturday there are turkish markets on just near my house (everything is "just near my house" in the Hague). They remind me a little bit of the markets in Cambodia. I wish I could play you a video, because the markets are accompanied by a symphony of screaming and shouting as each vendor tries to sell his or her wares. You can pretty much buy anything you need, food, clothes, furniture for half the price of supermarkets in the Hague. For all the australians, check out the bananas... they're like 1 euro a bunch... For someone who has a staple diet of cereal, it's great to have access to cheap bananas...

If any of you would like to talk further about bananas, and their general thriftiness, you know where you can get in touch with me.

1 comment:

andrew_nm_yong said...

mate i live in the pacific, i have a banana tree in my backyard. beat that. one-up-manship.... just kidding