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Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Farewell Party

Had a farewell party at Bram and my house, 329a Obrechtstraat. It was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to be in a good party mood and by the state of the place the following morning, people had fun. Everyone came to say goodbye, even the police. I made a Pavlova. It wasn't very impressive, but it was the best I could do without electric beaters, and let's face it, it tastes the same- there's not too many ways to ruin egg white and sugar mixed ina bowl. Anyway, here are a few select shots from the night, just to keep you interested. I know you only look at the photos anyway. I mean I could write anything right know, like, you're a real tool. You're not even reading. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. (For those easily offended, this is a quote from a movie, wayne's world, and does not in any way represent the opinion of James Pender).

My Swedish mate Daniel (pronounced Dawn-yell).
Bente (Norway) and Jerome (French - Marsaille. I play guitar with him Monday nights)
Acadia from Boston. May we both find a job we like one day.
Megan from Melbourne.
Bram de Man, my Belgian flatmate. Yes, he is taller than me. Bastard.
It's become somewhat of a tradition for Bram and I to re-enact the lift from Dirty Dancing every time Nhu (Vietnam/America) arrives at a party. What can I say. She's so tiny, she's just asking to be lifted above your head.
Megan (america) and Tones (Australia- oi oi oi)
Daniel, Namita and Chelsea (Swede, Yank, Yank).
David, Marie, Namita and Claire (Yank Frenchie, Yanke Frenchie).


Andrew said...

well whatever faint worries I may have had about your state of wellbeing have quickly vanished (other than your lack of Collingwood action this season) Nice work comrade jimmy

Andrew said...

yank yank french yank.... i was waiting for the duck duck goose... that was random... sorry