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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Un diner sur le trottoir.

A sign of the times in the Hague. As the weather gets better and better people will do anything to remain outdoors for as long as possible to enjoy the sunshine. Bram and I had some people over for dinner and Bram suggested we eat outside. Not having a nice little courtyard out the back, we decided to go out the front. So this was the result. Us, having a romantic dinner with Daniel (Swede) and Aurelie (French - my previous flatmate at the crazy Croatian lady's house) and Bram, eating out in the street. Lots of Dutch people passed us by and although I could tell they were slightly miffed that someone had so flagrantly broken the rules of Dutch social etiquete, I could tell they were also a little jealous that they had not done the same thing themselves.

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