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Friday, October 26, 2007


Following the shaving of beard episode (see previous post) eric and I headed out with Maximin and girlfriend Aude to see Justice (you may have heard of their song "Dance"), a french group made up of two djs which are apparently the big hit in Paris at the moment (Ooooooh! Bow down all you minions and follow the mighty city of trend!). It was wall to wall doof doof music (a long way from sufjan stevens he said with an air of "it was great, if by great you mean totally lacking in melody, skill or originality". I mean two guys bobbing up and down, acting as if changing urp urp urp urp to burmp burmp burmp burmp is a great achievement, while strobe lights turn them into a mystical source of everything "cool" is so representative of the show vs substance problem with our generation! I couldn't help thinking if you turned the lights on, and turned off the smoke machine, it would have been like watching two nerdy guys, trying to entertain a bunch of adults using only the "look, i got your nose" trick that grandparents do to their four year old grand children. Wow. A little bitter there James? Ok, so maybe I'm a little harsh. Btw, thanks for the ticket Eric. Awesome show : ) The atmosphere was electric ).


The night was homage to the fact that things are a lot more fun when you dress up. We thought we were out there until we arrived and saw the arrange of costumes people had indulged in. Either that or their normal clothes were just wierd. A lot of cool montrealers (montrealites?) were out to be seen. A girl next to me had taped a plastic baby to her chest, a chest which was not very discretely covered I might add (he said in his "in my day..." voice). When I happened to glance at the baby (warranted action I thought), the girl got all, "That's so typical of guys, my eyes are up here!" I had to laugh.

Meet eric, my house mate. We considered forming mid 90s brit pop group after this photo.
The crowd was crazy. Luckily, we managed to get up on the balcony level and thus avoided the crush. What? You don't really care where we stood? OK.
Max, me and Eric. When I say "arrrrgh" you say ....

1 comment:

James Pender said...

If ever I've been retrospectively ashamed of a post, it's this one.

This concert was AWESOME.

My apologies to Justice lovers, (of whom I now count myself) I think I was just bitter when I wrote that post.