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Monday, October 15, 2007

Open questions: Comments welcome!

I'm on a bit of a search for what drives me. I think the simple answer is many things. The more complicated answer is that there are some things that drive me that I'm aware of ie. my skills, my interests, my passions, and others which I'm less likely to admit to, ie. fears, obligations, a feeling of "doing the right thing", expectations.

What is your purpose? What drives you?

Nigerian writer Ben Okri once wrote, "a dream can be the highest point of a life."

I recognise that I am privileged to even have the opportunity to indulge in such self-examination, but does Okri's quote apply to me? Is it unrealistic to think that life should be full of dreamy moments, a forest of "highest points" rather than the odd sporadic tree? Do we as people have to accept that life and dreams are two parallel lines that never intersect? Is life about finding that point of intersection where dream becomes reality, or is it only about "the striving" for it? Do we have a right to reality full of attainable dreams?

I feel like working at Ronnie Johns was a bit of a "dream". Ok, it was not wholly fulfilling, but it gave me a taste of what life is like when you live your dreams every day rather than keep them at a distance, as an observable future goal, a goal that you strive after but one which you inherently understand to be unattainable.

I'm interested in what drives you.



Tobes said...

Back when I'm in Sydney, sometimes my mum drives me places if I am likely to get drunk...

Anonymous said...

I would say as humans, it is in our nature to dream and to push the limits of what is possible. It is the foundation of any motivating thoughts we have about life and without dreaming, we are nothing but bleak shells of life. That is not to say we should not be without a sense of reality. Not everyone can become that all-star football player or the top hits singer. But if you come as close to your dreams as you possible can, and if you live your life in good health, happiness, and full ambition, then you have truly lived an accomplished and meaningful life.

bootsy said...

to think that, even from one microscopic proportion of the total set of global contributions, leaving the world in some way a better place is possible. We all have this chance - it's up to us to choose if and how we are going to do this.

That the great play goes on, and you may take a part