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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rencontrez mon colocataire: Eric Demay

My flatmate Eric Demay (see post on Thanksgiving in Ottawa) is a designer/architect/photographer/blogger. He was recently interviewed for an ARTV, an TV channel here in Canada focusing on art, music and culture. It's a cool interview. For the french speakers amongst you, check it out here. (For the english speakers, you will probably understand "on brainstorm ensemble... c'est du back and forth" - Good times!).

Mon colocataire Eric Demay (regardez en-dessous Thanksgiving in Ottawa) est graphiste/architecte/photographe/blogger. Il a été récemment interviewé par ARTV, une chaine de télévision canadienne traitant d'art et de culture. C'est chouette comme interview. Pour le regarder, cliquez ici.

If you think Eric looks cool, it is because he is wearing my jacket! Surely that counts as a screen credit! Somebody please update my IMDB site accordingly.

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