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Friday, October 26, 2007


Tamtams in Montreal from james on Vimeo.
Every Sunday in Montréal, people gather on the side of Mount Royal to form a massive drum group. The concept is basically that everyone comes together to drum, dance and feel the music in the name of peace and harmony. Last Sunday was the final session for this year given that it's getting a bit too cool to play outdoors. I went down to check it out. It was pretty crazy. There were about 80 people drumming away, with all different types of drums and instruments, and then around the drummers are a whole lot of people dancing (way to describe, James. Really evocative). I have to say I felt very white and private schoolie amongst all these people. You can find out more about it all here.

I took some pretty amateur photos which you can see below... but for better ones go to the site linked above.

Safe to say there are some interesting characters which take part in the Tamtams. There were some obvious veterans of the event. This one 60 year old guy had his own home made beer holder which he sported with pride.
And just if you thought that the drumming circle was a bit passé, a bit further up the hill people were re-enacting medievil battles (something Eric assured me takes place every Sunday as well - So Trent, how was your weekend? - Oh you know Bob, just the usual, defeated Charlemagne and all that. Nothing special.)

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