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Monday, November 12, 2007

McGill Law students protest for the reinstatement of the Rule of Law in Pakistan

Some of the students in the masters decided to demonstrate our solidarity with the lawyers suffering abuses of power in Pakistan, as well as with the situation in general, which has seen the country's constitution suspended and a period of (ill-defined) state of emergency implemented.

The protest was an organic experience. It grew out of a conversation over lunch between my colleagues on a Tuesday, occured in its first manifestation on the Tuesday and then again in a more organised manner (student associations mobilsed, professors and press informed, police authorisation etc) on the Friday, and subsequently appeared on the Canadian news on the Friday night. It has also been mentioned to New York Times.

I nice reminder to all of us never to underestimate the power of doing "something".


Anonymous said...

Well done! Who knows what a small action achieves!

James Pender said...

Yep. It's reassuring.