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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Law School I go to....

I recently saw the following graffiti on a toilet wall in the Law Faculty of McGill University.

"The Elitism and Self-Entitlement of my class mates is suffocating me!"

Beside it was written in different coloured ink:

"Why can't Law School have normal toilet graffiti?"



Lima said...


The other day I saw a sign in my work place toilets/locker room that said "Any questions about the new log in system, call station 201" and below it someone had written "yeah, it sucks"

So I had to add to it "Thats not a question!"

I was dissapointed I didn't get a response, the sign was taken down shortly after that. damn.

Also, where did you go James? More than a month between blog posts?!

James Pender said...

Yeah... sorry about that... holidays, trip to New York (photos to come!).

Good to see you didn't give up hope!

I'm back and ready for new enlightening postings and discussion!

haha... or posts about toilet graffiti... either way...

Lima said...

Huzzah! Well, good to see you're back!