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Friday, March 07, 2008

Brendan Nelson - "You still like me don't you Bryan?"

For long time readers of this blog you will know of my affinity with the work of Clarke and Dawe, who produce a weekly sketch on Australian politics for an Australian current affairs program.

I am aware that this post is a bit Australia-centric, but quite frankly, everyone should learn a little bit about Australian politics, so do some research on who/what they're talking about and join in the fun. Think of it as character building. For the Euros amongst you, with your 2000 year history and your schengen agreements (he says, shaking fist in the air vehemently), this is Australia's crack at "culture": Being able to relentlessly take the piss out of ourselves.*

As I've said before, what I love about these guys is their ability to absolutely nail the essence of a character without wearing a costume, or even having a set. The lines, "Can I get a haircut? I haven't had a haircut for a couple of hours" and the sporadic and nonsensical repetition of "I'm a doctor" are just spot on for the leader of Australia's opposition party.

Another great line: "You're popularity is less than the interest rate."**

Check it out. Click here.

*to take the piss out of someone = to mock someone.
** Brendan Nelson's approval rating was recently polled as being just 7%. The national interest rate in Australia is a ball breaking 7.25%.


Hugh said...

According to an article I just read, a randomly-selected Australian person is more likely to be an asthma sufferer than a Brendan Nelson supporter...

Liam said...

I'm suprised they made this man leader, the Liberal party really was severely crippled at the election.