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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fête de la musique in Paris

Last Saturday was the Fête de la musique which sees every amateur band in Europe take to the streets with their guitars and amplifiers to knock out a couple of tunes. It's a great idea, and packed streets of Paris are testament to how much people enjoyed the day.

It was hard to find a quiet place to play where we would be heard (because we didn't have amps or mics or anything) but eventually we managed to play a couple of songs to a small crowd of passers-by next to St Paul metro station in the Marais. It was fun as always. I wish I had more photos of the day in general but unfortunately my camera battery was exhausted and needed to hibernate.

Fête de la musique from james on Vimeo.


Christelle said...

neat way to celebrate music!

and nice pic that is of you two! with that onlooker in the background.. ;)

Anonymous said...

great song choice dude. outstanding.

if i'd been there i would not have looked as cooly disinterested those in the video watching you. not saying i'd be nuding up, but close.

Anonymous said...

that said, i'm also not french, so guess that may have somehting to do with it.