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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Death cab for Cutie - The Bataclan

On a cold Sunday evening in Paris I trundled down to La Bataclan, a Parisian equivalent of Sydney's Metro to see Death Cab For Cutie, who, the singer was sure to remind us, are from Seattle.
What to say about this Concert? It was clinical. Death Cab charge out on stage, launch into a 50 minute set, duck out the back for 3 minutes, probably to fold the sheets back and put the electric blanket on, drag themselves back on stage to knock out an encore, then it's good night and a rather affected "Drive home safely Paris" from the guitarist.

Death Cab's music is fairly laid back, it's the sort of music I put on when I need to work. You don't need to concentrate to listen to it. Unfortunately, hearing their music live was much the same, except there was nothing to distract me.

Those who know me will know that there's no use using my ipod playlist for a party. I tend to love the melancholy wallowers more than the upbeat electro tunes. But no one wants to go to a concert and not at least get a craving for a bit of spontaneous foot tapping.

However, the best song of the night, Brothers on a Hotel Bed, drew my attention to the beautiful sound of the Nord keyboards. I now have a burning desire to play one. The sound is yummy. Have a listen to the Brothers on a Hotel Bed below.