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Friday, January 16, 2009

Equality is great. Sex is better.

I recently went to a bar here in Paris where, in order to encourage females to frequent the establishment, a rule has been instigated that all girls drink free.

The logic is clear. Free drinks for girls means more girls will come, which will mean that guys will want to come, which will mean that guys will pay (through the nose) for their drinks, which mean the bar will get a good reputation as a place to meet girls.

Call me a tightarse, but I was struck by how flagrantly discriminatory this rule is. If the rule was "whites drink free" or "asians pay double", we'd all be up in arms.

The message is clear:

A world where all humans are treated equally would be great. But the prospect of having sex is better.


Anonymous said...

The way I see it, this little policy is a step towards equality—in normal bars where both sexes pay, guys always end up paying for the drinks of the girl he wants to have sex with (or, at least, the girl he thinks he has the best chance with). In a “girls drink free” bar, a guy can hit on as many girls as he wants and not have to buy a single drink for anyone but himself! He ends up spending half as much as he normally would, and he avoids the frustrations of rejection after having bought a shameless girl a drink. Still not quite equality, sure, but maybe an improvement… and much better for a man’s sexual wellbeing!

Anonymous said...

You're right.

One small step for man, one less drink bought for some cheap skank who doesn't put out.

Anonymous said...

asians going out to bars with James (white) have been paying double for years. my drink and yours. I am outraged....

times up tiger... time to put out!

(this really isn't an anon comment)