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Monday, April 20, 2009

The dark side of living far from home...

I got a voice mail message from my sister Fie and my two and a half year old niece Anna yesterday (yep, that's them above). It went like this:

Fie: Hi James. It's us. We just got home from camping and we were wondering if we could ring you up and tell you some of our camping stories. Hope that you're well. And if you'd like to give us a ring in the next two hours, Anna would love to see you on the computer. (to Anna) Have you got any messages for James.

Anna: (Pause) James you need to come here first of all.

Fie: "James you need to come here first of all". (Pause) I agree. Bye.

After I hung up the phone I realised I was physically clutching at my heart.

Have a listen for yourself:

A message from home from james on Vimeo.

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