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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Cousin James

So, you will remember that my little cousin James has been in Paris as part of a six month exchange program. I have written about him before on this blog.

Well, throughout his stay here, James would often come over to my house, either to use our phone to make free calls to Australia, or just to hang out. These visits started a very strange tradition. Everytime James came over, he would secretly get my camera whilst I wasn't looking and take the most ugly photo of himself possible. He wouldn't tell me he had taken a photo. Often I would only discover that he had done so a month or so later.

Strangely enough, once I worked out what he was doing, I used to look forward to checking his latest deposit, just to see if he had outdone himself.

Here is a mere selection of his work:


Lizzie True said...

i want to see your efforts! we all know you'e been trying to outdo him! i'm pretty sure i've got a photo of you pulling the exact same face as james is in the last photo!

James Pender said...

Yeah. Some of mine are atrocious!

Lizzie True said...

But that's the point right?! I have such attractive relations...