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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oh mino! It's Paul Newman

After 6 months living together, Jerome has decided to leave ye old flatmate-ship. His decision to move on is probably based on one of the following reasons.

a) Musical differences. 23 hours of reggae a day just wasn't enough.
b) An increasing feeling that insufficient amounts of time were being alloted for the worship of Olympic Marseille in the household.
c) He's finally given into the psyche-out of the inflatable horse across the street with its weird fricken out-turned feet that never stops staring at us. It's still staring at us as I write this... always watching...
d) He is Michael Jackson and is now dead.
e) He's moving to Berlin and New York to undertake various internships.
f) The bed bugs have kicked in...

Oh jeune! Tu me manqueras!


Paule said...

LOL, I noticed that horse!

James Pender said...


We now have a counter-horse, ie. our own horse that stares back at their horse... Our horse is awesome.

It's a sad indictment on my life right now that the ongoing battle between Copers (our horse's name) and their inflatable monster keeps my life mildly exciting.

Paule said...

I'm rooting for Copers, James.
And also.. who else can witness an inflatable-animal showdown firsthand? Yes, it is exciting :)