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Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer nights à la maison

Jerome passed by for one last night before heading off to sprechen the deutsche in Berlin. A few calls were made and before I knew it, he had a group of mates coming over for salad and crepes. It was a beautiful night. A cool breeze blew through the basil plant on the window sill, spreading the sweet smell of basil throughout the apartment and starting a war with the cigarette smoke that was coming in the other direction.

A few games of backgammon, a couple of lazy beers, some good mates, some new music from Grizzly Bears and a special late night convo in the cool summer night air, overlooking the Boulevard de Belleville as Paris finally quietened down for the week. A perfect summer sunday night.

Voici quelques photos.


Anonymous said...

Your apartmernt looks nothing like I remember.


James Pender said...

Probably says more about your memory at the time than about my apartment.