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Monday, September 14, 2009

Moto + Belle fille = Belle fille x 5

Having joined the Parisian scooter riding world this year, I can't help but notice that girls on scooter are super sexy.

They are a special breed. There are a lot of guys charging around on their bikes, cutting people off, swerving between cars, racing each other at the lights, revving past each other in what is essentially a chest beating exercise. "My bike is bigger than yours."

Enter la belle femme, petite et douce. She's calm, she doesn't need to put on a show, there's no strutting, no puffing out of the tail feathers, no false bravado. She just is - noticed. She is noticed because she's rare. In this masculine world, she stands out all the more.

There's something about a girl in high heels on a scooter, her hair flowing out the back of her helmet as she takes off at the lights. "Ciao boys."

I say yes.

Photo courtesy of David Gault

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