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Friday, March 19, 2010

Clarke and Dawe: Who is Lara Bingle?

Ok, so posting has been pretty intermittant since getting back from France. But to be honest I have been pretty busy with:

1. Touring with Ronnie Johns and Felicity Ward's Book of Moron.
2. Adjusting to life in Australia (so far from the rest of the world).
3. Crying myself to sleep at night.
4. Eating fresh food again.
5. Getting used to constant sunshine again.

Anyway, here's another Clarke and Dawe sketch worthy of promotion to the blog. I love how dark the ending it. Bryan's last line, "Just wasting my life really..." is genius.

I love the way that Clarke and Dawe often manage say so much about the Australian psyche without actually naming the issue explicitly. Ironically, as a result, I'm sure this sketch is lost on most Australians. To be honest, their parody of the Australian press is not all that far from reality in this country. If you think I'm being cynical, please go check out, the online version of Australia's "Newspaper of the Year", and see for yourself how many of the featured stories would not be out of place in a gossip mag. (Ps... also count how many seconds you have to scroll down before you chance upon the "World" section. Genius.)

Check it out here or click on the below image to watch.