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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silver Cinder show available online

Silver Cinder played at Sin-é at Café Lounge in Surry Hills last night. It was loads of fun. Thanks to everyone who came down to support us. It was nice to have the place packed out! Award for most committed fan has to go to Becci Franklin who came along even though she was due to give birth... YESTERDAY!!! I know right?! That is awesome!

If you didn't make it down, don't worry! (I know! You were stressing right?!) Well no need! You can watch a video of the show in the comfort of your own home! Check it out below.

Thanks very much to the lovely people at Neonhearts for organising and producing the live stream and photos. Go visit the Neonhearts website now to see all the good work they do supporting independent music in Sydney.


Anonymous said...

I love your music ! Where can I download it ?

James Pender said...

Hi there, we are working on getting the tracks up on itunes, but in the meantime, we could send you an ep if you let me know your address. They're only AU$10 and we can work out payment via paypal.