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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cara Dillon

Sorry Darren, this is really getting out of control, I know. But since I posted on the Dominique Strauss Kahn affair, I thought you might not begrudge me one more musical post...

This voice is amazing. Clear, accurate and beautifully sensitive singing. Cara Dillon is a traditional Irish folk singer. Check out this live performance of her song "False, False". I especially urge you to listen intently to her treatment of the words, "no more mine" - she pulls back just slightly on letting them out, as if not quite wanting to admit them to herself. Yummy.

Another interesting fact about her, she's married to the keyboard player, and go around performing and writing together. What is it with Irish people shacking up with their band mates and forming powerful songwriting duos? See also Swells Season. I have a theory. There is a certain magic that happens between people when they write music together. Something powerful happens. Something bigger than yourself. It's an addictive feeling. However, you are palpably aware that you can't create that feeling on your own. Maybe some people decide they want to have the muse close to them at all times.


Fiona said...

And she's also the mother of twins! These talented women... Hear that brother/sister duos are alright too :-)

Darren Cormack said...

I'll let this one slide but please be aware there are alternative bloggers out there....:-) Saving the world?