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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Economist : Australia : No worries?

The economist recently published a very interesting Special Report on Australia, its economy and its political landscape.

In a recent survey published by the OECD, Australia was found to be the most pleasant rich country to live in. Australia is a prosperous nation. Bold economic reform in the late 1980s/1990s (ie. the floating of the Aussie dollar, and the creation of compulsary superannuation) combined with the effect of the ongoing mining boom meant that Australia was largely protected form the effects of the GFC. However, is it true that with great riches should come great responsibility? The Economist states:

"Australians must now decide what sort of country they want their children to live in. They can enjoy their prosperity, squander what they do not consume and wait to see what the future brings; or they can actively set about creating the sort of society that other nations envy and want to emulate."

The Special Report is worth a read in its totality. But if you only have a moment to browse, I suggest you at least read this article : The Next Golden State.

Bold visionary reform, requires both bold visionary leadership from politicians and the desire/trust/will of the people to be boldly lead. This Report looks at the lack of both in Australia, and asks whether the nation is missing a golden opportunity to become a truly great nation. Check it out.

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