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Monday, August 29, 2011

I believe in fairies

It was my niece's 5th birthday on the weekend. My sister organised a birthday party in the local park in Berry. It was a beautiful day.

Anna had wanted to put on a show so she asked everyone to bring some dress up costumes and musical instruments. Anna's friends didn't disappoint. They came as pirates, they came as princesses, they came as fairies, they came as vampires. And woe betide the man that failed to recognised which was which. There's nothing quite like being given the cold shoulder by a five year old.

ME : Oh look at you! Great costume. What have you come as?
CHILD stares at me mutely like I've stolen his lolly bag.
ME : Oh I know! You're stuntman!
CHILD stares at me in disgust.
ME : No? Wait, I got it! You're... batman!
CHILD now looks like he might vomit on me.
CHILD's OLDER SISTER : He's a vampire.
ME : Oh... yeah... Silly me.
The children run off and I'm left to wonder how I was meant to get "vampire" from a cape and a tshirt that says, "I'm a stuntman".

This little guy was my favourite though. He was obviously someone's younger brother who, in return for being allowed to tag along with his older sis', had been made to wear the only remaining costume in the household, which just happened to be a red and green fairy costume. Far from letting the costume get him down, he worked it, charging around the park, getting some sweet fairy milage out of those wings.

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