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Sunday, November 20, 2011


How do you find new music that you love?

For me, I feel like you can't really choose to find music that you love. It doesn't work like that. Sure, you can go off the recommendations of your friends, or trawl through your favourite record shop. But really beautiful music, music that marks you, music that curls up, inextricably, inside your happiest memories; there's a sense in which you don't find that type of music. It finds you. It comes to you, I believe, as a gift. [And it need not be music! The same can be said for the experience of finding love, or more accurately, being found by love. How many times do we dress up and put on our best smiles in the hope of finding the one, only to be found when we least expect it?]

I'll never forget sitting in the living room of my apartment in Paris when Stephane plugged his iPod into our system. "You 'ave to listen to zees guys", he said. I was instantly blown away. Two weeks later, I bought tickets to see "zees guys" play at La Cigale in Montmartre. They were supported by the then-unknown-to-me St Vincent. During their set, they casually brought out Feist to help sing that song that Stephane had played me two weeks earlier. It was a concert by which all other concerts that I attend are now measured. "zees guys" were, of course, Grizzly Bear. Their music touched me then, and I cannot listen it now without thinking of the very first time I heard them in that Paris living room all those years ago.

Well... I first heard of Melbourne band Husky through Triple J. So accustomed to filtering out the bad teenie-rock, heavily-synthed-pop and over-friendly dj banter that plague that radio station, Husky's music cut through. It was transporting. I had to know more about them.

It turns out Husky have just released their first album. The below clip is a video posted on their website which documents the making of the album in their make-shift home studio. The video is set to the final track on that album, a song called "Farewell (In 3 parts)". I have listened to it pretty much non-stop for the last week. It is achingly beautiful.

The nervous admission of, "There's a lot we didn't say, wasn't there, Josephine?"

And the devastating truth of the final line: "If you sleep to long the world might wake up without you."

Can't wait to hear more from these guys.


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