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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Australians struggle to take anything seriously, even their own National Day.

The Melbourne based boys at The Juice Media have been rapping the news for a while now. They've attracted comments from The Guardian, and even managed to have Julian Assange appear in one of their videos.

Check out their take on Australia Day. Or should that be Invasion Day?

I should just add, it contains strong language, so if you like your satire clean, it might not be for you.

For those who are not easily offended, check out the extended version of "Australia Day, yeah c*nt". I particularly like the subliminal kangaroo.

Bref, j'étais à côté de cette fille

This is the final episode of series 1 of the French comedy short Bref. The kiss is good. The music is better. The graphics behind the kiss, better still. Overall, it's magnifical.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Over the hill, I met the sea

Last weekend whilst in Berry, I managed to find time to do part of the Kiama Coast Walk from Werri Lagoon to Kiama.  Unlike in the UK, Australian farmers don't usually allow 'ramblers' to walk across their land. However, the local council has managed to come to an arrangement with local farmers and landowners to allow public access to the coastline.

I was almost the only person on the trail that day. The sight of the swell rolling in from the horizon, the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks below, the smell of sea salt rising up over the cliffs and the rustle of the wind as it flew over the long grass that coated the hills: there was absolutely nothing man made to be seen. I felt like a privileged intruder in this foreign landscape. As if I was being allowed to experience it as it would be when no one was looking, when it was alone. The rocks wore the marks of a million year old conversation between the land and the sea. It was a stark reminder of the unerring endurance of this place, and of my own transience in it.  But for the high-pitched chatter of the sea-gulls that hung only metres above the ocean, I could have believed that no one had noticed me. But the sea saw me on the hill.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jamison... present!

As Death Cab for Cutie once sang: "So this is the new year. But I don't feel any different."

Well, it may be a new year, but just to prove that nothing has changed too drastically, here's my new favourite Buechner quote:
"What I had not found, I could not name. And for the most part, knew only through my sense of its precious, and puzzling and haunting absence. And maybe we can never name it by its finale, true and holy name. And maybe its largely through its absence that this side of paradise, we will ever know it."
So what had he not found?

Monday, January 09, 2012

Connecting you now...

It has, I guess, always been my secret hope that my random musings on this blog would spark some sort of sense of connection with others as they go about the task of reflecting on their own lives.

About six months ago, I received an email from a girl completely out of the blue, saying that she had followed this blog for about a year; that the writing on here resonated with her; and that it gave her some comfort to know that there was someone else out there "wondering about these things".

Wondering about things can sometimes be a lonely business. Sometimes it feels like the world has little time for people who wonder. Sometimes it's just nice to know that other people are out wondering too. 

Well Bronwyn and I have kept in touch, (and in a strange twist of fate, actually ended up working together for a little while), and I have finally, after much coaxing, convinced her to post some of her own musings here. Stay tuned...