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Thursday, March 15, 2012

People get so lonely, but Love is the only one

Just heard this song on Guy Garvey's Finest Hour.  How did I go so long without ever running into this sweet and unassumingly truthful song?

For me, it captures the bittersweet experience of breaking up with someone so perfectly.  If love is the losing and finding of the self in the paradise of another, breaking up is, I believe, a mixture of a mourning for the loss of that paradise, and all that it presented itself to be, and an at first unfamiliar sense of excitement at the still far off prospect of hope that it might one day again be possible to lose and find yourself in the paradise of another again.

What am I to do
Someone here is really not happy
Put myself on a line
It seems I never got through to you
So I wean myself off slowly


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