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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winter music - Talk Talk

When I woke up this morning in this fair city of Canberra, it was -4 degrees Celsius. This is colder than anything I've ever experienced in Australia, and quite frankly, something I didn't expect to have to put up with in this country. You can call us Australians what you want - small-minded, backward, racist, uncooth, parochial, antipodean, unwashed convicts - but at least the weather's great here all year round!

Well, no more.

Anyway - with cold weather comes a need for winter music, and there's no better than this track by Talk Talk. Enjoy all nine minutes and forty seconds. Just long enough to light a fire, knit a beenie, slip on the ugg boots, work your way through a couple of glasses of Lagavulin and think of how many different people you could ring to say, "&*$! me, it's cold".

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