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Monday, June 04, 2012

Team Me - Weathervanes and Chemicals

I was recently challenged to write some upbeat music. Annoyingly, it's proving harder than I would like to admit.

Enter these guys. Check out this review in The Guardian:

"Their music has the orchestral grandeur of Arcade Fire but it's less po face, and there is male-female unison singing reminiscent of early Broken Social Scene, only the songs are more poppy. As someone wrote of Team Me, it's hard to imagine them writing a sad song, let alone one fuelled by dark urges. They make Polyphonic Spree seem like a Norwegian black metal band."

What's that? Arcade Fire without the 'po'? Tick.  A-what-did-you-say? Reminiscent of early Broken Social Scene? Oh God yes, continue. Recently won the Norweigian grammy's for Best Album (their debut effort 'To the treetops')? A-scando-says-what?! Bring it in for the real thing!

Welcome to the bouncy-castle-esque world of Team Me.

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