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Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Are We Gonna Do - Glen Hansard

Glen Hansard has recorded a new album, Rhythm and Repose.

After an initial listen, this song instantly stood out for me. Glen's voice is, as always, raw and desperate. Marketa Irglova's thick vocal harmonies make for an aching conversation between these ex-lovers.

What are we gonna do / if we lose that fire, he asks.

Her reply:

I don't want to change you / But you're a long, long way from the path you came
I'm trying to show you something / And a good, good heart will always find a way

I love the production on this track. The single kick drum under "I don't want to change you" took my breath away. It cuts right through, giving a sense of finality to that simple admission and the depth of its implications.

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