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Monday, August 13, 2012

I remember when...

On today my 30th birthday (at time of writing), it's time to play a game called I remember when.  The rules are, for each decade that you've been alive, name three moments that you can clearly remember as if you were there. They don't have to be moments that changed your life.  They just have to be moments that you remember vividly ; Memories that, when you put your mind to it, you can actually feel, see and smell.

Here are mine:

0 - 10

1.  I remember running to line up to buy 5 cent 'zooper doopers' from the canteen in kindergarten.  Mum or Dad would give us 20 cents for the week, or maybe it was 10 cents, and it was the most precious thing in the world.  We'd race each other out of class to be at the front of the canteen line at play lunch.  I can still feel the anticipation.

2.  I remember playing 'statues' in my Nana's garden.  When Mum and Dad arrived to pick us up, Fiona and I used to pretend we were a permanent part of Nana's front garden so that we didn't have to go home.  Nana would play along, feigning that she hadn't noticed us, and telling our parents that she didn't know where we were and that they should probably head on home without us.

3.  I remember Mrs Bain turning Chris Ewan upside down after he'd swallowed a 10 cent coin and performing the heimlich manoeuvre to save his life.  It was the most impressive thing I'd ever seen.

10 - 20

4.  I remember waking up in hospital from my first epileptic fit to see my Uncle sitting opposite me.  The look on my Uncle's face was one I'd not seen before and one I'll never forget.

5.  I remember singing in Mrs Swain's last chapel service.  At the end of Like as the Hart there are three lingering chords on the organ.  Although I didn't know it then, those chords marked the end of my period below time.

6.  I remember wagging school with Yi-Lee to watch the sun rise over the opera house.  I wasn't exactly sneaking off to take heroin, but it felt dangerous and worthwhile.

20 - 30

7.  I remember sitting in on judicial deliberations at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.  It confirmed that this fragile life of ours is governed by laws that are made by human beings; that the type of society we live in is shaped by ideas; and that you have to participate in those ideas if you want to create change.

8.  I remember sitting in a field of long grass in front of the Mont St Michel with someone I knew that I loved.  The sun turned the grass a golden yellow as the wind threatened to turned the pages of our sketch books.  I learned that day that love is the most powerful gift someone can ever give you.

9.  I remember singing Wolves by Bon Iver at The Vanguard.  The room was silent for the final song.  The guitar was slightly out of tune.  But when the audience joined in on the chorus, that was a moment, and everything else ceased to exist.

So many more I could mention... but yeah, that's how you play I remember when.  Feel free to send through your answers!

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BL said...

Love this. I'll do it when I turn 30 :)