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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey Rosetta!

What do you do when you wake up jet lagged at 3am in Kuala Lumpor and can't get back to sleep? 

Well, you start searching music blogs for new music, of course. And once you have listened to every rendition of a Bon Iver song recorded by a non-proscription-rayban-wearing hipster film-editor who has a penchant for HD and soft focus, you stumble across something that causes you to spend the early hours of a muggy Malaysian Monday searching the background of the band and going through their music catalogue. 

Yep - that's what happened. 

Here's the culprit: Young Glass by Canadian band Hey Rosetta! Check out the live performance recorded in Melbourne when the band was out in Australia touring with The Jezebels.

Love this first stanza:

from under your sheets out into the hall
you sleepwalk through the rooms where you grew up
out through the porch and the old front doors
carried by words that you learned when you were small

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