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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anais Mitchell - Young Man in America

So - I'm a little obsessed with this singer.  I'm sorry, but any song that starts with...
'My mother gave a mighty shout
opened her legs and let me out...'
...And then ends with...
'Make me want what i want
Another wayward son
Waiting on oblivion
Waiting on the kingdom come
To meet me in my sin
Waiting to be born again
Mother kiss me cheek or chin
Mmm, a little medecine
Mmm, and then I shed my skin
Mmm, and lemme climb back in the bed you made me in.'
... has my vote.

The album version of Young Man in America is here, but I've chosen a live version performed for NPR Music.  The set starts with the Shepherd Song, which I've posted previously.  For those short of time, Young Man in America starts at 7:40.

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