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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mew - Silas the magic car

A couple of people have recently asked me where I get my music from.

Nowadays, it's relatively easy to hear new music. Music sites such as pandora and spotify make it possible to get unsolicited exposure to an eclectic mix of unknown artists with very little brain work. Type in an artist you like and you get fifty or so other artists that sound the same or similar. Chances are the playlist will throw up one you've never heard of that you'll love.

But, like people who prefer to bake their own bread, or grow their own lettuce, I feel there's something rewarding in putting in a bit of extra work to build up your music library. The truth is this: nothing quite beats that feeling of actively searching amongst the millions of tracks out there and finding a gem. Like searching among the millions of hearts and finding one that connects with your own, finding music that speaks to you can provide comfort that's unspeakable in its mysterious power to make things seem ok.

I listen to a lot of overseas radio and podcasts. Guy Garvey's Finest Hour usually gives me at least one new song a week that I can play on repeat 24/7 until it wears my ears out. French radio station TSF jazz is a station you can play for any dinner party. NPR in the states is also amazing.

I've recently been put in touch with another GREAT podcast. It's called 'freunde von freunden mix tapes' and it is an hour of different music put together by different Djs around the world, and published by german lifestyle magazine freunde von freunden (or FvF for the very hip).

I can't recommend it enough - it swings from Jazz to rock, to alternative pop, to soundscape and all whilst hopscotching over musical borders, introducing unknown bands and composers from Germany, Sweden, Russia, America and Asia.

Today, I was sitting in my back living room, making some coffee, and the below song by Mew came on. It sat in the room like an old friend, instantly comfortable and hauntingly comforting.

Of course, it's Danish.

Take a listen.

Monday, November 03, 2014